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Men's Silver Bracelet - Handmade Chain

Men's Silver Bracelet - Handmade Chain

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Men's Silver Bracelet - Handmade Chain

Explore the epitome of craftsmanship with our Men's Silver Bracelet, a piece that exudes both tradition and modernity. Specifically tailored for men who appreciate the finer things, this bracelet stands as a hallmark of quality and sophistication. Moreover, the handmade chain detail adds an extraordinary touch, distinguishing it as a not-to-miss accessory in the male jewelry collection.

Material & Processing Technology

Step into a world of enduring elegance, characterized by the remarkable Silver S925 material. This bracelet undergoes the age-old process of Thai silver black dyeing and vulcanization, giving it a distinctive and elegant appearance. Moreover, this technology enhances the natural lustre of the silver, making it a timeless piece that blends perfectly with both casual and formal outfits.

Design & Specifications

Experience the finesse in the detailed design, featuring a substantial chain width of 11mm, showcasing masculine aesthetics at its finest. Furthermore, you can choose from two different lengths - 20cm and 22cm, allowing you to find the perfect fit. Moreover, the 20cm variant weighs approximately 49 grams, promising a robust and comfortable wear.

Additional Product Information

  • Processing Technology: Old
  • Color: Available in lengths of 20cm and 22cm
  • Material: Silver S925
  • Process: Thai silver black dyeing/vulcanization process
  • Specification: Chain width - 11mm
  • Weight: The 20cm version weighs about 49 grams

In conclusion, the Men's Silver Bracelet - Handmade Chain emerges as a classic yet modern accessory, a must-have addition to any discerning gentleman's collection. Don't miss out on this experience of luxury, now with the added benefit of free shipping.

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Bracelet * 1

Product Image:

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Men's Silver Bracelet - showcasing craftsmanship
Showcase of the bracelet's clasp detail
Bracelet displayed against a dark background
Bracelet paired with a complementary accessory
Classic style Men's Silver Bracelet

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Customer Reviews

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Reynold Rice

A little small and the lock is Roded

Belle Buckridge

Good ~ ^ ^