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Silver Bracelet for Men -Fashion Original Peace

Silver Bracelet for Men -Fashion Original Peace

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  • Silver Bracelet for Men: A Mark of Sophistication

    Discover the epitome of style with this Silver Bracelet for Men. It's not just an accessory; it's a statement. It defines class and oozes sophistication.

    Crafting Excellence: The Thai Vulcanization Process

    The craftsmanship behind this bracelet is exceptional. Skilled artisans use the Thai silver dyeing/vulcanization process. This method not only enhances the bracelet's durability but also its aesthetic appeal. It promises a timeless piece that elevates your style quotient effortlessly.

    Indulge in this luxury. Experience a perfect blend of quality and elegance.

    Product Information

    • Material: Premium S925 Silver
    • Treatment Process: Thai silver dyeing/vulcanization process
    • Weight: The 20 cm version weighs about 25.5 grams
    • Size: Available in 18 cm and 20 cm
    m and 20 cm

    Packing list:

    Bracelet *1

    "Craftsmanship Detail of Silver Bracelet for Men"
    "Elegant Silver Bracelet for Men with Thai Silver Vulcanization Process"
    "Close-up View of Bracelet Clasp"
    "Stylish Bracelet Showcasing Thai Vulcanization Process"
    "Peace Symbol Detail on Bracelet"

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