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Women's S925 Silver Ring with Natural Amethyst

Women's S925 Silver Ring with Natural Amethyst

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Introducing the captivating "Women's S925 Silver Ring with Natural Amethyst."

This exquisite S925 silver ring is gracefully adorned with a mesmerizing natural amethyst gemstone. It is expertly crafted and stands as a tribute to both craftsmanship and the beauty of nature.

Amethyst is a distinguished member of the quartz family and boasts a stunning purple hue. Its shades range from delicate lilac to deep violet, offering a spectrum of enchanting colors. Beyond its visual allure, amethyst possesses metaphysical properties, promoting inner harmony and mental clarity.

Our collection of "Women's S925 Silver Rings" embodies timeless sophistication. The "Silver Ring with Natural Amethyst" takes this elegance to new heights, infusing it with an irresistible allure. Enjoy free shipping on your purchase.

Key Features:

  • Sterling silver craftsmanship
  • Natural amethyst gemstone
  • Intricate details for enhanced beauty
  • Secure fit for effortless wear

Indulge in the allure of authentic amethyst and the quality of sterling silver. Embrace elegance today, experiencing the fusion of nature's splendor and fine artistry.

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Product information:

  • Treatment Process: Gemstone Inlay
  • Color: White Gold
  • Intended Audience: Women
  • Size: Adjustable Opening
  • Material: 925 Silver
  • Weight: 3.7g
  • Main Stone: Natural Amethyst

Packing list:
Ring *1
Product Image:

Tranquil  Silver Ring
Vintage Style Silver Ring Design
Women's Silver Ring with Real Amethyst
Genuine Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring
Ladies' Silver Ring with Amethyst
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